How To Buy A Luxury Property On the Costa Blanca, Spain - Top 5 Things To Consider

This post is perfect for you if you’re looking to buy a luxury property on the Costa Blanca. Find out what you need to consider before you make your purchase, here.

Owning a luxury property along the beautiful Costa Blanca in Spain is a dream for many people. It’s not difficult to see why - incredible food, gorgeous stretches of turquoise coastline, friendly people and a lower cost of living all add up to a higher quality of life - and not to mention that sunshine!

But before you dive into buying your own luxury property on the Costa Blanca, there are some important things to consider - one which might turn your dream property into a nightmare if they aren’t thought about beforehand. For example, that beautiful five bedroom villa you’re currently looking at as a retirement property sounds perfect now, but what about in twenty years time and taking care of a property that size suddenly doesn’t sound that appealing?

That luxury apartment you have your eye on as an investment property sounds great, but did you think to check that the gorgeous sea view you’ll be paying a premium for is guaranteed to stay that way - that no other buildings are currently in the planning which could otherwise spoil that luxury view?

If you’re considering buying your own luxury property on the Costa Blanca, here are some important factors to consider first!

1. The Purpose For Your Luxury Property

Some people want to buy as investments, some people want to buy as long term family homes, others are retirement properties. Write down the list of reasons why you are buying your property and what your expectations are over time.

Being able to discuss the long term requirements for your property and not just how much you love the sun and the sea will mean your agent will help you to find a property that suits you best, by understanding your requirements in depth.

They will help you find the apartments that are most likely to provide a rental income, a retirement community that will support you well into your golden years, or simply an elegant retreat with great access to the amenities - as long as you consider your changing needs for the property over time.

Considerations for this might include inheritance planning, income generation targets from an investment property, your social requirements and healthcare needs, and your overall lifestyle - do you need high speed internet? Do you need to be walking distance to the supermarket? Do you need to be close to the airport? Are all important considerations.

2. Your Costa Blanca Location

Ah, you’ll have heard this so many times! But it’s true, it really is about location, location, location! For example that pretty sleepy fishing village seems beautiful in the summertime, but have you visited in winter? Most of the restaurants are closed, and the streets don’t seem so much ‘peaceful’ but more ‘bleak’, even with that Spanish winter sun!

The best way to decide on your location is to speak to local experts and consultants like us here at Silverhouse who have a wealth of knowledge about the area, and can advise you not just on the seasons, but on things you might not have thought about when selecting your new luxury property on the Costa Blanca, such as whether any new building work is planned for the area, local amenities, and even cultural differences and expectations. Silverhouse are here with you every step of the way to ensure that your luxury property purchase is everything you dream of, and location is always key!

3. Non-Negotiable Features of Your Luxury Property

This is where we get into the fun part of choosing your luxury Costa Blanca property - creating your wish list! Your wishlist will help guide your purchase, and help us as agents find you the right properties to show you - it prevents wasting your time by showing you properties you most likely wouldn’t otherwise be interested in.

Note down a list of essentials, or non-negotiables - those things which you cannot compromise on. For example, you might include a parking space, large garden or other outdoor space. You might desire a private pool or extra bathrooms. The choice is yours!

What is it you are prepared to compromise on? At Silverhouse we don’t think many of our properties would fit into the label of ‘compromise’ but there might be some things you might wish to install at a later date -

For example particular lighting, well water, an extra car parking space, and so on.

Let the fun begin - write your wishlist now!

4. The Quality Of Your Luxury Home

With so much choice out there, buying a luxury property on the Costa Blanca might seem like an overwhelming choice - how on earth do you choose?! As well as the considerations mentioned above, you’ll want to ensure you consider build quality. Many houses for sale in Spain look high-quality but can actually be of poor build quality - there are numerous horror stories of thin walls, leaking rooftops, and homes that are expensive to heat in winter. Don’t panic - these stories are relatively few and far between, but do ensure you choose an agent that you trust. Look for open communication, a friendly not sales-y approach, and a team who live in the area or who has representatives and associates that do. They are likely to know the local builders and development companies and can advise you of build quality.

Which brings us to the last consideration -

5. Your Luxury Property Consultant On The Costa Blanca

This article should go some way in assisting you in purchasing your property. But for when you need expert advice, our team are ready and willing to help and advise you with your purchase. We will help you every step of the way - from legal and mortgage advice, right through to furnishing your purchase.

So if you’re ready to talk further about purchasing your luxury property on the Costa Blanca? Our friendly and efficient team are here ready to talk with you and help guide you through the process, smoothly and easily.

Click here to call or email us and let us talk you through how easy it is to buy your dream property in Spain.


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